Eureka Environmental was formed in 2002 by Hydrolab and YSI veterans who believed there was considerable room in the multiprobe market for improvements in technology and customer service. Over the last twelve years we have produced innovative, reliable multiprobes backed by market-leading customer service.

Manta 2 Multiprobe

Revolutionizing Water
Quality Monitoring

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Manta2 Wins Lab and Field CompetitionThe Manta2 has once more come out the winner in a head-to-head test against a major player in the multiprobe market.

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Early Warning of Organic PollutionNew breakthroughs in LED technology have enabled the development of submersible, portable fluorimeters ...

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Introducing the Eureka Sub2The new Sub 2 water-quality multiprobe puts six professional-grade sensors in a light package less than two inches in diameter.

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Why Eureka?

Best Products, Best Service, Best Prices
  • 01Even our competitors agree that Eureka multiprobes are the easiest to use on the market.
  • 02We back our reliability reputation with a two-year warranty that includes sensors.
  • 03Our low initial cost and low maintenance requirements give you the lowest cost of ownership for a professional-grade multiprobe.
  • 04The Bluetooth option lets you use Windows or Android display devices (PDA's, smart phones, tablets, etc.) that are more useful and much less expensive than fixed-purpose data displays.
  • 05With up to 12 sensors in one instrument, you don’t have to replace sensors to gather needed data - no need for troublesome wet-mateable connectors.
  • 06All Eureka display devices (PC's, laptops, smart phones, tablets, PDA's, etc.) use substantially the same software so that learning time and data errors are minimized.
  • 07Eureka’s easily refilled reference electrodes and long-life optical DO sensors provide the highest reliability data and save you up to $600 a year compared to other brands.
  • 08Logged data and the permanent calibration record upload directly in Excel format for easy data analysis and archiving.
  • 09Eureka multiprobes are easily expanded or upgraded because they automatically recognize any new sensor and any new type of sensor.
  • 10Eureka’s telemetry system is the lowest cost on the market, and requires no customer configuration.

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